Moss Point mayoral candidates speak at public forum

Moss Point mayoral candidates speak at a public forum

MOSS POINT, Miss. (WLOX) - Candidates running for mayor in Moss Point gathered Tuesday evening to discuss the issues they hope to tackle in the River City if elected.

A round of applause welcomed the seven mayoral candidates as they each laid out their campaign platforms.

All of the candidates want to improve the local economy and candidate Jeramey Anderson believes that starts with small businesses.

“Directly reinvest in our small businesses and reengage our community and promoting the efforts to make our small businesses thrive,” said Anderson. “That in return help us leverage economic growth in mid to large scale companies.”

Howard Bailey hopes to bring more businesses to the Highway 63 corridor off I-10.

“Bring in new restaurants, looking at a couple of restaurants that would come to the city, also looking at new hotels and also some new apartments,” said Bailey.

Tenesha Batiste believes developing the interstate corridor is key.

“We have the land. We have water. We have air. We have everything businesses need to be successful in Moss Point.” said Batiste. “We’re going to cultivate on what we have.”

Sherwood Bradford wants to help create new businesses.

“I want to start an incubator to train young business folks how to get started, start growing our homegrown business folks to increase our tax base,” he said.

Billy Knight says improving the tax structure is going to be the best way to boost the economy.

“Escatawpa, north of Moss Point, that’s traditionally our growth area,” said Knight. “For us to really get our tax structure in place, we got to get economic development in those areas.”

Ashelia McCorvey feels improving the police department will attract new businesses.

“Once we get the violence and crime under control in the city of Moss Point, then we can be able to bring in businesses,” said McCorvey. “One thing about businesses is they want to come into a place where they feel that they’re safe.”

Working with investors is how Shira Stallworth plans to improve the economy.

“I want to work with investors and open the door for investors to come and set up shop,” said Stallworth. “Work with the small business owners, get things on the table, so we can get the economy where it needs to be. Get the money flowing and also apply for some community grants.”

The primary election is happening April 6.

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