Martin Bluff bridge construction continues

Martin Bluff Bridge construction continues

GAUTIER, Miss. (WLOX) - Barricades continue to block the entrance to the Martin Bluff Bridge, forcing cars to detour down neighborhood roads where families like Mary Lee McDonald and her husband James McDonald live.

“My main concern is all the traffic we’re having and the children outside and the safety,” Mary Lee said. “A lot of the cars are going a lot faster than they should be in our neighborhood.”

James keeps a close eye on the construction and is starting to question the pace of the project.

“They had their flashing sign there that they was going to close the road, this is in October, that it’s going to be finished Jan. 26,” James said. “Then it was Feb. 26. Then they took the sign away.”

TJ Miles is a superintendent with Gulf Breeze Construction, the general contractor for the project. Miles said after a few design modifications, the McDonalds could see the bridge back open by the end of next month.

“We had some changes. The engineers and county has had to come in and make some minor adjustments, right of ways, elevations, and some of your slopes. Just some minor stuff,” Miles said. “I’m thinking the end of April we ought to have it opened back up.”

A dip in the detour route does not allow for the McDonalds to drive their motor home, but Mary Lee is hopeful the bridge will be completed in time for her and her husband to hit the road come May.

“We have a motor home and we want to get out of here and look at this beautiful weather we’re having,” Mary Lee said. “We can’t even take our motor home because my husband is concerned it will bottom out on this dip around the corner.”

Jackson County Supervisor Ken Taylor said more workers will begin helping on the Martin Bluff Bridge project in the upcoming days.

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