Coast school finds a way to continue with prom despite COVID-19 concerns

How Ocean Springs plans to celebrate safely in the face of COVID-19

Coast school finds a way to continue with prom despite COVID-19 concerns

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - Prom season is almost here, and it is a tradition the class of 2020 had to go without. The Ocean Springs High School students and staff got creative, finding ways to protect themselves from COVID-19 while attempting to create lifelong memories.

Sounds rang out across the Biloxi Civic Center Friday afternoon, as Greyhound faculty and students attempted to place the final touches on the “Roaring Twenties Prom Night.”

“It is going to be different. So what we have decided to do this year to keep students safe is we are going to do a catered sit-down table service dinner. All the tables all spaced out about 10-12 feet apart from each other. We are doing limited seating at all tables, and students are required to wear their masks when up and moving around,” said prom coordinator and Ocean Springs teacher Devyn Quinn.

Teachers are keen on giving students the opportunity to make a cherished memory.

“We didn’t get a chance to have a Homecoming dance this year. I know the students were a little bummed about it so we are super excited to be able to offer prom to them,” said.

Several students were pleasantly surprised with the effort and are looking forward to Saturday night.

“I mean, I think a lot of people weren’t even expecting to be able to do any sort of gathering like this at the beginning of the year, so it is pretty nice that we don’t get a dance, but we at least get something,” said Junior Class President Boyd Driggers.

It is a night that students may remember as the most unique prom ever.

“It is a non-traditional prom. It is not something you would see on TV, but I think it will be a lot more elegant. I think it will be classic. It is not going to be that crazy prom you see. We will not be dancing, but we will be eating together as a family for like the last time,” said Student Body Vice President Samantha Lyles.

The event is set for Saturday evening and will be live-streamed so friends and family can enjoy their loved ones’ senior walk.

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