Biloxi’s North Bay Elementary brings aquarium to the students

“They still wanted to give them that experience and allow them to be able to still learn and have fun in this amazing environment.” said Tate.
Updated: Mar. 12, 2021 at 1:28 PM CST
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BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - Students at North Bay Elementary in Biloxi made a trip to the aquarium, but not like you think. COVID-19 caused their trip to the Mississippi Aquarium to be canceled, so students and teachers brought the aquarium to the school.

Classrooms were converted into immersion rooms where students learned about a type of animal living at the aquarium. Teachers and students all enjoyed the day that was weeks in the making.

“They still wanted to give them that experience and allow them to be able to still learn and have fun in this amazing environment and I think they really succeeded in doing such a great job,” said North Bay Elementary CREATE teacher, Ann-Carter Tate.

Tate said the trip was one that was scheduled last year in hopes that the coronavirus wouldn’t be as large of a determining factor.

“Because their previously scheduled trip was canceled, they’re getting to go to the aquarium that their teachers so lovingly made for them. Each one of our teachers have been assigned an animal and all week the students have bene studying animals,” Tate said. “But today, each of the teachers have put up a live cam that are exhibited in the Georgia Aquarium and the students rotate through the classrooms, on a schedule, and learn about each of the animals and see them first-hand.”

The students also took part in the creation of the underwater world.

“I created an orca, like I colored it black and stuff and I made a jellyfish,” said first grader, Hudson Everett. “I had to color the crown and my teacher just gave me these string things for the tentacles. My favorite part was making all of the crafts.”

Not only were the students able to have a “virtual” field trip, they were also able to do it safely.

“The students were able to rate through, while maintaining social distancing, through each of the exhibits on a schedule designed to be as safe as possible,” Tate said.

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