Picayune Main Street development a paint-by-numbers plan

Picayune Main Street development a paint-by-numbers plan

PICAYUNE, Miss. (WLOX) - “Making downtown more loveable.” That’s the title of an award-winning design by Picayune Main Street. The city put another piece of that entire project in place across from City Hall on Monday.

New South, old charm and Main Street Picayune: those are the three main cogs in what the city’s business and community leaders hope will keep the current downtown revitalization wave going in this area.

On Monday, ribbon-cutting ceremonies were held for a new parking lot across from City Hall, complete with cobblestones, scored concrete bumpers and another Picayune-themed façade mural in progress.

The idea is simple, community development precedes economic development.

“The better our downtown looks, the more people will come and more businesses will open, and we’ll get that Old South New Charm out,” said Reba Beebe with Picayune Main Street. “All of our murals in the downtown area are paid for through sponsorships in the last few years. We’re an artsy community, and we have a lot of very talented people here.”

Those talented people are teaming with community partners and local businesses to literally paint the town red, or for that matter, any other color or theme desired. With the parking lot, even more creativity was set in stone.

“This is not cookie cutter. We did something here a little bit different. We opted for this particular paver and this particular design. I’ve never seen parking bumpers stained like this, and the mural is just the cherry on top of the sundae,” said Picayune Public Works Director Eric Morris.

Main Street Picayune is also working with businesses like Mississippi Power and others to bring out that small-town charm to make it attractive not only to visitors but to those who live here.

“We like to partner with local businesses and chambers of commerce, and we like to give back,” said Jason Farve, Mississippi Power Picayune area manager.

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