Black Authors Rock hosts meet and greet for two young talents

Black Authors Rock hosts meet and greet for two young talents

GULFPORT, Miss. (WLOX) - Some South Mississippi kids are becoming their own boss at a young age. On Saturday, members of Black Authors Rock hosted a meet and greet at the Wish List store in Gulfport Premium Outlets for the two young talents, Purpose Copeland and Langston Duncan.

La Tracey McDonald, Copeland’s mother, said that she hopes for the event to boost the children’s confidence.

“We wanted to give them an insight so they can know that they’re not by themselves and they can make an impact of the word no matter what their age is,” said McDonald.

Purpose Copeland is an 8-year-old author of the book “Manners My Grandma Taught Me.” She published her book this past December due to more downtime because of the pandemic. Copeland said that she doesn’t like reading, but decided to try writing a book about topics that she found interesting.

“All you have to do is don’t think bad things about yourself,” said Copeland. “You just have to follow your dreams.”

“She was excited about it,” said McDonald. “She was excited to wear her grandmother’s wigs, dressing up and taking pictures. We made the book exactly how she likes it.”

The other young talent is 11-year-old Langston Duncan. She’s the owner of Duncan Cookie Co.

She launched her business this past June and said that baking only started as a hobby, but others saw talent in her work.

“People were just buying them, and I figured to just turn it into a business,” said Langston.

Carlin Duncan, Langston’s mother, explained that the family was all on board when Duncan came to them with the idea.

“We kept saying to go for it,” said Carlin. “She loves to help in the kitchen. We felt like this would bring us closer, she’s someone that I can pass down my cooking to. This is fun and we see no reason for us to stop. Her grades are up, she’s more social and learning more things, so it’s an A+.”

McDonald said that supportive parents are the key thing to helping children grow in anything that they may dabble into.

“It doesn’t matter what your children want to do. If your children want to fly, then encourage them to do so because you never know where it’s going to bring them. When you are your children’s cheerleader then there’s nothing that they can’t do,” said McDonald.

If you’re interested in buying Copeland’s book, then click here. Also, if you’d to check out Langston’s treats, click here.

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