Gulfport School District partners with local hospitals to vaccinate teachers

Gulfport School District partners with local hospitals to vaccinate teachers

GULFPORT, Miss. (WLOX) - School districts now working to make sure their teachers can get the COVID-19 vaccine.

The Gulfport School District made the vaccine easy to get for its teachers and staff Tuesday. Elementary teachers in the district flocked to Gulfport Central Middle School’s gym to get their first dose of the vaccine.

Gulfport schools partnered with Memorial Hospital to vaccinate their educators and staff at the elementary schools first.

“I feel like if everyone gets the vaccine, we can open up America again,” said Belinda Nelson, a Gulfport English teacher.” We can all feel a lot freer, a lot safer to go about our business as normal.”

Nelson and other teachers said COVID-19 has caused schools to be anything but normal. Teachers in the Gulfport School District said by the district making the vaccine available to them, it has eliminated the headache of searching for available appointments.

“Oh I was excited because every time I went on the website, appointments were gone immediately,” said Lashawn Lock, a Gulfport English teacher.

“I’ve had parents that have had to travel an hour to go get the vaccine and take off work,” Nelson said. “So it’s been very convenient that the Gulfport School District to bring it in. I’m on my break, my planner period right now, so I just ran down and got it.”

First responders also stopped by to get their shot. Memorial Hospital said about 300 people will be vaccinated in a little under six hours.

“It gave us a peace of mind,” Cook said. “Now I can protect myself. I can protect the kids. I can protect my family, and I feel so much better and relieved now.”

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