Pass Christian Elementary honors unsung heroes for Black History Month

Pass Christian Elementary honors unsung heroes for Black History Month

PASS CHRISTIAN, Miss. (WLOX) - Students at Pass Christian Elementary School celebrated Black History Month on Friday with a special performance that paid tribute to the unsung heroes of the African American community.

They sang, danced, and recited the ABC’s of Black History, and students said this was a great way to celebrate Black History Month.

“To like show the important things and people that happened. Everything that happened. From the letters of Birmingham Jail, they said in the ABCs of Black History.” said 4th grader Samuel King.

5th grader Jaelyn Harris also added “This is a big month especially for black people. And its to honor all the people who were killed or mistreated as of the color of their skin.”

Students spent five weeks preparing for this program, and for some, this was outside of their comfort zone.

“We had some students who participated today who have trouble speaking in public, students who have concerns with or struggles with just being in a group of people,” said principal Haleigh Cuevas. “And today they stood up in front of their peers and their community and danced.”

The program was not only a chance for these students to perform and showcase their talents, but also an opportunity to learn.

“The biggest thing I learned is people saved us from slavery and if it weren’t for Ruby Bridges, we wouldn’t even be in this school.” said 2nd grader Kylee Johnson.

Music teacher Cherynne Hinton hopes students learned one special important lesson.

“I hope that they take together this message of unity,” said Hinton. “That it doesn’t matter what color you are, it doesn’t matter what creed you are, it doesn’t matter what religion that you believe in, that we are together in this fight together.”

Pass Christian Elementary hopes to continue this performance every Black History Month.

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