Enviva almost ready to churn out wood pellets from Lucedale

Enviva almost ready to churn out wood pellets from Lucedale

LUCEDALE, Miss. (WLOX) - These days all roads, dirt or otherwise, lead in and out of Enviva’s $140 million wood pellet plant construction site at George County’s Industrial Park. Enviva is putting permanent economic stakes in the ground here in Lucedale and South Mississippi.

“We’re not strangers to Mississippi,” said Rick Frederick, Enviva’s Gulf Region community relations manager. “Our first plant was built up in Amory and it was the first one in the company and they’ve been producing pellets for about 10 years now. We know Mississippi, we’ve been in Mississippi.”

When the plant is built, Enviva will begin producing more than 750,000 metric tons of wood pellets a year. They’ll be transported by railroad down to a new shipping terminal the company’s building in Pascagoula. Once the pellets get there, they’ll be shipped all around the world as a renewable energy source.

“To support the operation here, we’ll hire about 90 employees and create about 400 jobs in construction,” said Clint Pearce, plant manager. “When it’s complete, we’ll support about 300 jobs in the local timber industry.”

The hope is to have the plant completed by the middle of this year so Enviva can begin rolling out it’s all-natural product.

“We’re excited to get started and we’re excited to make pellets here in Lucedale, Mississippi.” Frederick added.

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