Warmer temperatures send people to the beaches for fun in the sun

Let the good times, in the sun, roll!

Warmer temperatures sending people to the beaches for fun in the sun

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - The last few weeks have tested the winter endurance of many of the Gulf Coast, with freezing temperatures managing to break water mains, stall car batteries and cause homeless citizens to seek immediate shelter. Thankfully, Saturday brought in the higher temperatures, and people were finally able to get out in the sun.

After some challenging winter worries, residents of the Gulf Coast were happy for some warm weather to embark on some much-needed fun in the sun like the Quite Essentially ‘80s surprise party.

“Oh an ’80s party, that’s amazing! What’s going on here, can we stop here? And still didn’t register that they were my friends, and they were like SURPRISE!” said Courtney Hawkins.

Meanwhile, in Biloxi, a birthday boy who found himself stranded in Oxford during a winter storm made his way home Saturday just in time for his birthday party.

“It was good, but very cold,” said Ryan Knowles. “Every part of my body was numb. I never saw snow in my life. It feels good, but I wish I was still there, sort of.”

As the sun began to set and a slight chill breezed through the sky, a warm fire kept the shenanigans going, and a concerned mother is now a happy camper.

Tricia Knowles

“We were committed and hoping everyone didn’t freeze to death tonight, but it’s turned out to be pretty much perfect and the kids are just having a blast,” said Tricia Knowles. “Everything just turned out exactly as I wanted it. I don’t think it could have been any better and everyone is having a great time.”

While everyone enjoyed the day for different reasons some people only have one.

“I’m just here for the party!” said one woman at the ‘80s surprise party.

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