Ocean Springs senior living staff delivers lunch to frontline workers

Ocean Springs senior living staff delivers lunch to frontline workers

OCEAN SPRINGS, Miss. (WLOX) - The last 11 months have taken a toll on Dr. Amber Colville, who won her battle with COVID-19 after likely contracting it from one her patients at New Wave Internal Medicine.

Despite her medical office’s safety precautions, Colville and the patients she treated were not immune to the hardships of the health crisis.

“I’ve had several patients who did have it,” said Colville. “I’ve had unfortunately had several deaths as well.”

The impacts of the virus from last year still linger into 2021.

“This has been a very isolated year,” Colville said. “We had to totally redo the way we do everything.”

That led the Gardens staff to share some goodies with frontline workers and senior citizens who plan on spending their golden years at the facility.

The kitchen staff prepared a lunch for ‘Souper Friday’ that was filled with Tuscan soup, breadsticks and brownies. Then, they drove the meals to healthcare workers across the Gulf Coast.

“We don’t actually stop for lunch on Fridays so if somebody comes in here with something we can do quick it’s great.” Colville said.

While the gesture warmed the hearts of frontline workers, it also gave the Garden staff a chance to show their generosity.

“We just wanted to express our gratitude,” Community Relations Director Valerie DeMatties said. “We are very grateful for their service.”

The simple act of kindness put smiles on masked faces.

“When we get recognized even in a small way, it’s very appreciated.” Colville said.

The Gardens staff hope to make the event an annual tradition.

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