Moss Point Board of Aldermen asks for Mayor King’s resignation

Moss Point Board of Aldermen asks for Mayor King’s resignation

MOSS POINT, Miss. (WLOX) - City leaders in Moss Point are asking that mayor Mario King resign. This comes as King is set to enter a guilty plea on Wednesday. The board of alderman gathered Friday afternoon to take action.

”Our request, or Mr. Morris’ request, was for an immediate resignation,” said Alderman at Large David Chapman.

While the board cannot force Mayor King to step down, the aldermen believe Friday’s actions to be significant.

”It is real important that we get this done. We need stability back here in the city,” said Alderman Ennit Morris.

For Alderman Chapman, it is about turning the page.

”It is time for the city of Moss Point to move beyond regeneration to restoration. This is a process that is a part of that restoration. It’s time for us to move beyond this,” Chapman said.

The mayor told the aldermen of his intent to resign but cited legal counsel as the reason that he had not.

”We know the plea hearing is Wednesday and what happens there, we will find out Wednesday. The mayor did not say specifically what he intended to do. He did say that intended to resign, but he did not give us a time or date yet,” said the Alderman Wayne Lennep.

The mayor is expected to officially plead guilty on Wednesday. King has told WLOX that he will make a statement after his court appearance Wednesday.

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