Coast still putting shots in arms despite delays of COVID-19 vaccines

Coast still putting shots in arms despite delays of COVID-19 vaccines

GULFPORT, Miss. (WLOX) - Even with nationwide delays in vaccine deliveries caused by a unprecedented winter storm, the Coast continues to put shots into arms. On Friday, Singing River Health System had its third drive-thru COVID-19 vaccination site at its Gulfport hospital.

Despite the cold weather, many people were out at the vaccination site receiving their vaccine.

Katherine Randall of Gulfport wasn’t worried at all.

“I just took it in stride,” said Randall.

And the process for her has been liberating.

“I feel like I’ve been let out of prison,” Randall said. “I can get out of the house a little bit.”

The threat of delay didn’t worry Dannie Chevalier either.

“No. I just put my trust in the Lord,” said Chevalier. “If I’m meant to get it, I’m meant to get it. I made the appointment Monday. We got in line and we’ve got it.”

Larry Marreel said even with the vaccine, people need to be responsible.

“If everybody did the mask thing, I think this is what’s going to put us over the top and really get this thing - whoop this COVID real good.” said Marreel.

At Friday’s event, 1,150 recipients received their first dose of the Pfizer vaccination. Vaccines were delivered just before the winter storm hit. Officials just remain hopeful there won’t be any significant impacts.

“We’re certainly hoping not,” said Chris Ayers, SRHS clinical pharmacist. “It is possible because they’re coming from the St. Louis area. That’s our understanding. That’s where the distribution center is. Obviously, they’ve had quite a bit of the ice and snow up in that area. Hoping that warmer weather this weekend is going to clear up the roads and we’ll be able to get any future shipments.”

The threat of delay was enough to give Clifford Bilbo pause.

“I thought about that,” said Bilbo. “Maybe on the way here that they might have delayed it because of everything that’s going on. But it’s going through pretty good and everybody’s doing a great job here today.”

And he hopes for everybody’s sake any delays would be nominal.

“We’ve got a lot of people out who are sick and scared and worried and this vaccine is going to help out a lot.”

At this point, Singing River Health System has the vaccines for appointments made, including the second dosage following Friday’s event. So far, it has delivered about 18,000 vaccinations.

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