Lines grow at some seafood restaurants as Lent begins

Lines grow at some seafood restaurants as Lent begins
Customers wait for seafood orders at Desporte Seafood (Source: WLOX)

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - Ash Wednesday brings the Lenten season, meaning seafood is on the menu for many in South Mississippi.

Desporte Seafood in Biloxi said it’s really catching the crowd.

Lines were long Wednesday afternoon full of people waiting for their seafood orders.

Customer Rusty Wroten said that Desporte Seafood is his go-to place for seafood.

“The boiled crawfish, shrimp and oysters are perfect. Every day is busy around here, but especially now. It’s a great place, you really can’t complain. Everyone knows everyone here, it’s a family environment,” Wroten said.

Owner Sean Desporte said that COVID-19 isn’t hurting the restaurant’s sales.

Desporte explained that do they notice more people buying seafood and cooking at home instead.

“I think a lot of people are coming in and buying seafood and cooking for themselves at home. We have a lot of restaurants that we sell to that are actually really busy, too, whenever people want to get out the house and try to stay safe,” Desporte said.

Owners said they make sure to have a large variety of seafood during the season.

“We keep a very good variety of oysters, crab meat and shrimp. Plus, crawfish, of course, every day and a lot more,” Desporte said.

Desporte said that the cold weather had an effect on some of the supply for this week, but everything else is in stock.

“This week, in the beginning of the week, the crawfish was not plentiful. Now we’re starting to get more. They should be here in the morning since the weather is kind of clearing up a bit,” Desporte said.

Desporte predicts sales to rise by 30% during the Lenten season.

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