Biloxi souvenir shop still recovering from Hurricane Zeta damage

Biloxi’s Souvenir City still recovering from Hurricane Zeta damage

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - Once the temperatures warm up this spring and summer, Gulf Coast businesses hope they feel the heat in terms of more visitors and more revenue.

Souvenir City owner J.J. Pierotich was in the middle of making upgrades at the Biloxi store when Hurricane Zeta caused window and roof damage and turned remodeling into rebooting.

“We were doing some remodeling and the hurricane messed everything up and we’ve been closed since Oct. 28th, the day of the storm,” Pierotich said. “And we’re going to open up on Feb. 26th, a week from this Friday, just the downstairs.”

Meanwhile, they’ll also do some more work upstairs, including putting in an elevator and also putting in more space and a handicap accessible family bathroom.

Pierotich said despite the global pandemic, he and some other tourism-driven businesses bit into a sizeable and surprising chunk of success in 2020.

“Everybody that was in the Gulf of Mexico, I guess we’re all drive-in markets, and I’m amazed at the business we were doing,” said Pierotich. “We don’t know what were up against this year, but we’re cautiously optimistic we’ll have a good year.”

But with a slightly new look, and fresh outlook.

“We’re hoping to be cleaned up by June. We’re hoping to have a whole new look.” Pierotich added.

Pierotich also owns Sharkheads in Biloxi and has been in business on the beach since 1973.

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