Former track star shares history of her career, including Olympics tryout

Former track star shares history of her career, including Olympics tryout

WIGGINS, Miss. (WLOX) - 71-year-old Molly Hence is able to look back in history and smile from all of her accomplishments. Hence said it wouldn’t have been possible without her community and most importantly her parents.

Hence said growing up she was an all-around athlete, trying out for various sports at Lunker High School, which is now Stone Middle School.

“I played basketball, I ran track, I was in band, and I even tried out for the football team,” Hence said. “I made it and the coach said yeah I made it, but he said ‘you’re a girl.’”

Even playing all of those sports, it was track that won her heart.

“I was a sprinter,” Hence said. “I high jumped and long jumped in high school, but after I graduated I wanted to go to college, but I didn’t have a scholarship.”

Just when she thought she was going to have to hang up her running shoes, she received a call.

“A guy from Moss Point, we call him Cool Martin, he said, ‘Molly I haven’t heard of you going to school anywhere,’” she said. “I said no I’m going to Perkinston and he said, ‘Perk don’t have a track team.’ I said yeah I know but I want to go to college. So he said, ‘how would you like to go try out at Alcorn?’”

Without a doubt, she said yes. Hence traveled to Lorman, Miss., to show off her speed, and the track coach at Alcorn State University welcomed her with open arms.

Hence said she formed lasting relationships and she wore her gold tracksuit with pride.

“We went to Baton Rouge at Southern, he said, ‘you gone run the mile,’” Hence said. “I said but that’s not a sprinter. He said, ‘well I’m the coach so you do what I say.’”

Before graduating from Alcorn, Hence tried out for the Olympics in 1972. Although she didn’t make it, she said it’s something to still be proud of.

“I enjoyed it and I wouldn’t give nothing for it,” Hence said.

Hence was inducted into the Alcorn State University Sports Hall of Fame in 2016. Hence said her community will always have a place in her heart for the continuous support she received.

After college, Hence took on different roles. She retired from the Stone County Correctional Facility and she even worked 20 years with Head Start and one year at a middle school. Hence said Wiggins will always be her home.

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