Sarah Thomas reflects on NFL season and her historic Super Bowl appearance

Sarah Thomas reflects on season

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - The NFL season has now come and gone. Tom Brady has his seventh Super Bowl ring and it’s time to hang up the helmets for a little while. But for Pascagoula native Sarah Thomas, this year was one for the history books.

This NFL season, Sarah Thomas made history as the first female NFL official in the Super Bowl. She says her journey and its impact has carried over to her own kids.

“Knowing that I have children of my own, especially my daughter, and her seeing me go through this and her now saying she wants to be a teacher and a ref just like her mom, means the world to me,” said Thomas.

But it’s not just her daughter she’s blazing a trail for but her two sons, as well as generations to come.

“There are hardworking women and I want my two sons to respect their spouses or girlfriends and look at them as equal. Then, work together through their marriages as a partnership,” said Thomas.

Thomas has worked as a line judge and a down judge during her time in the NFL, but would she ever want to make the move to head official and don the white cap?

“It’s tough enough to manage one grown man, let alone a bunch of them in a crew,” said Thomas. “But all joking aside, I love the line of scrimmage. It is constant action and I have no desire to be a white hat.”

During the Super Bowl, Thomas says a number of players from both squads came up to congratulate her but, once everything got kicked off, it was like a normal game.

“Once we’re on the field, it’s business. All players, all coaches... I was that player and I have been that coach where you express your passion if something doesn’t go the way you see it and I respect that. But as far as interactions that I can share, definitely just the congratulations that I got from all the guys.”

With a historic season in the books, the regular off-season begins as we set our sights to the 2021 season and whatever it may bring.

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