Central Elementary School hosts inaugural International Festival to celebrate diversity

Central Elementary School hosts inaugural International Festival to celebrate diversity

GULFPORT, Miss. (WLOX) - The Gulfport School District added some educational fun for some students on Friday to celebrate diversity. Central Elementary School students were given a “passport” to learn different cultures from several countries across the globe at different stations labeled at the school.

The district said that community members pitched in to help supply decorations for the event. The destinations included France, Spain China, Japan, Brazil, Italy, the continent Africa and more.

Each class grade was able to participate in a contest to decorate a hallway dedicated to a specific country.

The principal of Central Elementary, Arron Diaz, said that the school is grateful to be a part of the experience.

“We are very excited to host this festival and teach our students diversity and different culture across the world. We have China, Mexico, Brazil,” said Diaz. “Our kindergarten class actually chose to decorate the hallway with Brazil, and they won the contest. Our kids are fully immersed in different cultures.”

The festival also included food, dances, and cultural rituals. Gulfport High’s foreign language teacher, Yang Lin Gong, said teaching students diversity while they’re young can help in the long run.

“Gulfport School District is motivated for our students to grow up with a vision and an opened mind to equip the ability to understand the differences in culture. Also, to embrace them. We can learn so much from each other.” said Gong.

Gong said that she wanted to make sure students learned the lesson of accepting everyone’s differences.

“The United States is the most immigrated filled country in the world. We all have different countries, family and background. By celebrating this event will help expand their mind to understand the difference, and to understand that even though we’re different, we can disagree, but we will respect each other.” said Gong.

The district said that there will be more International Festival events in the future.

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