State Board of Health reviews timelines for establishing medical marijuana program

Updated: Feb. 3, 2021 at 7:34 PM CST
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - The blueprint for Mississippi’s medical marijuana program is Initiative 65 that voters approved in November. That contains detailed requirements and the clock is ticking to get it started.

The State Board of Health met virtually Wednesday to discuss the groundwork of the medical marijuana program.

“I do want to tell you that I think town halls are probably very helpful and would be very good and that’s a good idea,” said board member Dr. Luke Lampton. “I think that allows us to be transparent in the work we’re doing.”

Dr. Thomas Dobbs presented a timeline, noting they have to get regulations approved by July 1 and start getting cards and licenses out by August 15. Board member Jim Perry noted that the public shouldn’t be surprised if that doesn’t mean product in hand by that date.

“If you get the license at the earliest possible moment of August 15 to grow, you’re actually going to have to start the growing process and then wait for it to be tested,” said board member Jim Perry. “Who knows if that first plant is going to meet the standards and what not. It could be months after.”

Dobbs says they’ve been researching for months now and will soon travel to other states that already have similar programs to see how it’s working.

“We’re not experts in this,” Dobbs said. “We know that. We’ve learned a lot over the past couple of months. I know more about growing marijuana than I ever thought I would know.”

One point raised by a couple of board members was ensuring it wasn’t just out of state businesses benefiting once the program is up and running.

Since the department has not yet established a licensing system, they haven’t started accepted those requests. But we did some checks on the Secretary of State’s website with the keyword “marijuana” or “cannabis” under business search.

What we found were 22 businesses that had reserved names, another 25 that have already technically established a business in good standing - which includes some law and consulting services and four related non-profits.

The majority of those were filed by Mississippians. Details are below, including the individuals and companies who are listed in the filing with the Secretary of State’s office.


1. Flyway Medical Marijuana, L.L.C.-William Roberts Wilson III-Oxford, MS

2. Marijuana Licensed Treatment Center, LLC: Ken Staggs-Marion, MS

3. Mississippi Marijuana Card, LLC: Brian Alpert-Middleburg Hts, OH

4. Mississippi Medical Marijuana LLC: Sara Belk- Brandon, MS

5. Medical Marijuana Dispensary Treatment Center LLC: James Bradley-Brandon, MS

6. Medical Marijuana Center LLC: James Bradley-Brandon, MS

7. Marijuana Licensed Treatment Center: Ken Staggs- Marion, MS

8. Medical Marijuana LLC: Ken Staggs-Marion, MS

9. Medical Marijuana Treatment Center, LLC: Baxter Hogue- Brandon, MS

10. Marijuana Treatment Center, LLC: Baxter Hogue-Brandon, MS

11. Marijuana Treatment Center of MS, LLC: Le Anne Penn- Flowood, MS

12. Hill Country Cannabis: Robert Lomenick- Oxford, MS

13. Neo Cannabis Solutions: Adam Morgan- D’Iberville, MS

14. Mrs. Hippie Cannabis Products, LLC: Brian Murphy- Diamondhead, MS

15. Flyway Cannabis, LLC: William Roberts Wilson, III-Oxford, MS

16. Gulf Coast Cannabis, LLC: Richard Avila-Carrier, MS

17. Rocking Chair Cannabis LLC: Benjamin Stroud-Madison, MS

18. M3 Cannabis LLC: James C. Belk-Brandon, MS

19. Kaya Cannabis LLC: James Chase Belk-Brandon, MS

20. Central Mississippi Cannabis LLC: Marcel Ebner-Madison, MS

21. Cannabis Trails, LLC: Cookson Farms LLC-Park Hill, OK

22. Southern Cannabis LLC: Caleb Rouss- Richton, MS


1. Medical Marijuana Dispensary, LLC: Northwest Registered Agent, Inc. Ridgeland/Morgan Noble

2. Magnolia marijuana supply LLC: Randy Charleston Nelson-Horn Lake, MS

3. Coastal Cannabis, LLC: Rodney McGruder-Biloxi, MS

4. Cannabis Supply Warehouse LLC: Christopher Edwin Leigh-Horn Lake, MS

5. Kudzu Cannabis Company LLC: Jospeh Kobs- Ridgeland/Madison, MS

6. Atlas Cannabis of Mississippi, LLC: Billy Newsome-Philadelphia, MS

7. Crack of Dawn Cannabis DBA: Kari Dawn Bedford-Tupelo, MS

8. ACME Cannabis LLC: Robert Allen Doss- Vancleave, MS

9. Top Shelf Cannabis of Mississippi, LLC: Warren Stafford-West Point, MS

10. Magnolia Cannabis LLC: Michael Wren Hardy, Jr.-Madison, MS

11. Chimneyville Cannabis LLC: Samuel Humphrey- Jackson, MS

12. Crooked Letter Cannabis LLC: Samuel Humphrey-Jackson, MS

13. Magnolia Cannabis Farms LLC: United States Corporations Agents, Inc.-Jackson/James Doyle Childress-Pontotoc, MS/, Inc-Glendale, CA

14. Magnolia Medicinals Cannabis, LLC: Michael Stewart-Southaven, MS/Shawnassey Howell Brooks-Jackson, MS

15. Black Widow Cannabis DBA: Registered Agents, Inc.-Ridgeland, MS/Marcy Croft-Madison, MS

16. CLOUD 9 CANNABIS LLC: Floyd M Gray, Jr.-Lumberton, MS

17. Jackson Cannabis Company LLC: Samuel Humphrey-Jackson, MS

18. Mississippi Cannabis Company LLC: Samuel Humphrey-Jackson, MS

19. Bluff City Cannabis, LLC: Candace Leake-Sullivan-Olive Branch, MS

20. Mockingbird Cannabis, LLC:Thomas Smith-Madison/Ralph Wilkin-Tulsa, OK

21. Mississippi Cannabis Farms, LLC: Michael Lee Grace-Quitman, MS

22. Mississippi Cannabis Co-Op DBA: Thornton Wallace Law, PLLC-Hattiesburg/Benjamin Dodd Thornton

23. Mississippi Cannabis Law Group, PLLC: Thorton Wallace, Law, PLLC- Hattiesburg

24. Cannabis Trails Consulting, LLC: Marcus Dupree-Flora, MS/Thomas Uhren, Parkhill OK

25. Cannabis Nurse Institute: Sheryl F Jefferson-Jayess, MS/Michelle Wroten Van Norman-McComb, MS


Mississippi Delta Medical Marijuana Association: Emmanuel Deon Williams-Leland, MS

Mississippi Medical Marijuana Association: James C Reeves-Jackson, MS

Mississippi Cannabis Trade Association: Registered Agents, Inc.-Ridgeland/Jessica Rice-Madison

Mississippi Alliance for Cannabis: Paula Marie Johnston-Pearl/John Moran-Lucedale/Stephanie Dreher- Diamondhead

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