Moss Point High basketball players thrive on and off the court

Moss Point High basketball players thrive on and off the court

MOSS POINT, Miss. (WLOX) - As the community of Moss Point community continues working towards a city free of violence, student athletes are using what they learn to help them in all aspects of life.

From pre-game warmups, to the in-game tip-off, the Moss Point High girls basketball team focuses on teamwork and the fundamentals of the game. They are tools that head coach Ethan Porter believes these young woman exhibit on and off of the court.

“Success on a basketball court, or on a football field or anything like that, it just leads to success in other areas.” said Porter. “We try to talk a lot about, don’t just be great at one thing, try to be great at everything you do and I think that that confidence, that belief that they build in themselves, I think it leads to academics, to their career later on in life.”

Senior player Jada Matthews has big goals for what she plans to achieve in her life. “Go play softball, or college basketball, and be a doctor,” she said.

Through Coach Porter’s first two seasons, every graduating girls basketball player has gone on to further their education in college. It’s a trend that Matthews credits to the leadership on the team.

“Since he’s been the coach here, he’s been giving us life situations and everything,” she said. “He teaches us more than just basketball. He prepares us for the real world. He takes us to the next level about college and everything.”

Coach Porter believes one of the first steps in succeeding is having a consistent support system.

“The kids are amazing, great kids, great parents, this community has a lot of pride about them,” he said. “They’re going to support you if they believe in you, and they’re going to support their kids in everything that they do.”

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