Sea turtles nursed back to health on Gulf Coast

Sea turtles nursed back to health on Mississippi Gulf Coast

GULF COAST. Miss. (WLOX) - It’s been a total of 40 days since 45 sea turtles were flown to Mississippi from Massachusetts to be nursed back to health, and 20 of those are here at Institute for Marine Mammal Studies.

During this healing process three of the turtles have died due to critical conditions staff said many of them had pneumonia, but with antibiotics every three days, a good diet and a close watch the others are doing well.

“They are recovering from cold stunned so this occurred in Massachusetts,” said Theresa Madrigal, IMMS standing coordinator. “Basically the water temperatures will drop later on in the year and if these animals have not migrated south they’ll become hypothermic and they will float at the surface. They’re susceptible to secondary infections. So this was a massive event in Massachusetts.”

Staff said the turtles will be here probably a few more months, but there’s no definite time. However, when they’re fully treated and in good health they’ll be let free into the waters here in South Mississippi.

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