Angela Singletary hoping book will help her reach more with her positive spirit

Angela Singletary hoping book will help her reach more with her positive spirit

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - Angela Singletary’s new mission is to create new mindsets, and her life-skill lessons are kid-tested, with high-approval ratings. After all, her children are her inspiration.

“Just putting them first in everything,” Singletary said. “They’re the reason I do what I do. I want to create a better world for them - for kids like them.”

Singletary left her beloved job at Habitat for Humanity to take on a dream: to coach health and wellness. Last year was a tough time to start a new business, but her life has literally been about facing challenges and overcoming them.

Her story includes a lot of challenges such as problems in her childhood, a “toxic” marriage and something else she knows better than most.

“And then there’s the situations that I deal with just being a little person and those kind of challenges,” said Singletary. “So, I hope to be an example to other people with disabilities or other little people - people with Dwarfism - to show that doesn’t have to be an indicator of what you can or can’t do.”

Singletary hopes to use her experience, combined with a degree in health and wellness from Tulane University to help others through one-on-one counseling and regular social media postings.

“The way I like to describe it is that a therapist helps you with your past and a life coach helps you with your future,” said Singletary.

And, now she has a potentially bigger platform. Her story, along with 20 others, have been included in a book titled “Finally Free.”

The e-version came out on Thursday, and it has already reached’s No. 1 bestseller status for new releases in four categories.

“My hope is that it serves as inspiration for others who find themselves in a rough situation to say that you will break free,” said Singletary.

Besides her children, a basic philosophy has kept Singletary moving forward.

“There’s more to this world than just me,” said Singletary. “So, to say I’m going to just throw in the towel, would be to dishonor the purpose that I have.”

The book, which was envisioned by Coast resident Dawn Lieck will be in paperback form in early February.

For more information, check Singletary’s Facebook page.

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