Former college basketball player couldn’t let the game go, adopting the title ‘travel hooper’

Former college basketball player couldn’t let the game go, adopting the title ‘travel hooper’

GULFPORT Miss. (WLOX) - With a few secure scraps and a basketball goal, Wiggins native Jerry Herrin has been traveling across Mississippi and surrounding states doing what he loves on the go.

“So I got one belt up down low and one belt up high,” Herrin said describing his backpack method portable basketball goal. He said basketball never stops and this is his way of living out that saying.

“You can get your backpack and literally play basically anywhere,” said Herrin. “Literally like in an alley in downtown Gulfport.”

With the help from his cousin, Herrin sets up his goal and goes to work with a few dribbles then- straight net.

“You can go to the beach. You can go on a hiking trip,” said Herrin. “You can go to the city and just hoop.”

Herrin said basketball grew to be his passion in high school, which then resulted to him playing at William Carey University his freshman year. Since then, he just couldn’t let it go.

“That’s when I really just started enjoying the game of basketball,” Herrin said. “It wasn’t something that I just played just to play. It was something that was fun to me. It was something that was therapeutic to me.

Making long shots and layups aren’t the only skills Herrin has up his sleeves. He also can spin the ball on one finger for quite a while, and he said it only took him three days to master that trick.

Herrin has traveled along the southern states like Georgia, Alabama, and Louisiana. He also wants to eventually travel to northern and east coast states, and “as far as possible.”


Posted by Jerry Herrien on Sunday, January 3, 2021

Herrin has accumulated hundreds of views on social media and hopes to be an inspiration to others.

“Just to inspire people to do whatever they want to do,” Herrin said. “Just to go out and travel and connect with people. So my goal is to inspire people to go out and pursue whatever they want to pursue.”

Herrin said if anyone is interested in a one-on-one, he can be reached on his social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

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