‘Miracle’ antibody infusion COVID-19 treatment can help lessen symptoms

‘Miracle’ antibody infusion COVID-19 treatment can help lessen symptoms

OCEAN SPRINGS, Miss. (WLOX) - People testing positive for COVID-19 may qualify for a new treatment at Singing River Health System. Those who have received this antibody infusion say it’s a “miracle” treatment.

People with underlying health conditions, such as diabetes or obesity, are at a greater risk of hospitalization if they test positive for COVID-19.

Singing River Health System Registered Nurse Lauren Wallace says the antibody infusion treatment can help lessen the symptoms of COVID-19 for people with underlying health conditions.

“It is a synthetic antibody, created in a lab, that connects to the protein of the virus which keeps that virus from going into healthy cells so that virus doesn’t expand within your system,” said Wallace.

There is only a small window of time to receive the infusion once you first show symptoms. Singing River Health System Registered Nurse Melanie Steelman says it is important to receive the infusion quickly.

“They prefer within the first three days so we can get you in usually the day that you call us,” said Steelman. “Within ten days is what they prefer because, past ten days, they don’t recommend you get the medication.”

When Paul Stauter tested positive for COVID-19, he immediately opted to receive the infusion, a treatment he described as a miracle.

“We had our first great-grandchild and then after her birth in late December we became positive for COVID,” said Stauter. “Then, just in a matter of two weeks time, except for some minor coughing and head congestion, I felt great. My strength was returning.”

The goal of the infusion is to keep people like Paul, who are at risk for hospitalization, out of the hospital.

“You have to qualify because if you require more oxygen than you already have at home, or they have to put oxygen on you, then you can’t receive the medicine,” said Steelman. “But if you’re over 65, you have diabetes, high blood pressure or are immunocompromised, then you qualify for the medication.”

To see if you qualify for the antibody infusion treatment, simply contact one of Singing River Health System’s primary care or walk-in clinics.

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