New business on Pass Road in east Gulfport growing

Pass Road businesses area growing in east Gulfport

GULFPORT, Miss. (WLOX) - If construction noise is music, there’s a symphony beginning on East Pass Road in Gulfport. An empty lot next to the former Pinkston’s is being developed as part of a recent growth spurt.

“We’re seeing a tremendous amount, more so in the last several years that area,” said Gulfport economic development director David Parker. “But it’s not just that small area. We’re seeing it in a good one-mile radius of that area.”

And the reason, Parker said: It’s just good business sense.

“Pass Road is where all the traffic is,” said Parker. “We’ve seen some property values dip. But also, we’re seeing more property values increasing in that area.”

‘Boozer’s Brew and a Cafe Too’ is planning to take advantage of the hot spot. Right now, the coffee is flowing well at its downtown Gulfport site, but the operators are ready to open a second location, here, at the corner of Teagarden and Pass Road.

“We’ll be getting traffic from the Teagarden and Bayou View area,” said manager Kerianne Boozer Stribling. “We’re closer to the schools. So, that helps with the teachers coming in the morning at getting their coffee.”

That’s big news for the super coffee consumers at Kid Academy, right down the street.

“I think it’s a great thing,” said Margaux Kleinman. “And I know with COVID a lot of people, especially that type of business I think has suffered a little bit. So, it’ll be exciting to be able to contribute to their success by being able to go there.”

Matt Dickens also added “I’m excited, not only about the coffee, but the sandwiches they offer, so to be able to drive through, grab a sandwich, it’s going to be exciting, you know, something besides fast food.”

The move is more than just a business decision for the owners of Boozer’s.

“My dad and my sister opened it when we first opened,” Stribling said. “He passed away about two years ago now. So, just the fact that we can grow this business and making him proud by expanding and doing what he wanted us to do.”

Boozer’s will open its second location sometime this year with the same look and same offerings as the one in downtown Gulfport.

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