Mississippi Coast photographers try to stay afloat during pandemic

Mississippi Coast photographers try to stay afloat during pandemic

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - Like most career paths during the current pandemic, photographers weren’t immune to the pains of COVID-19. The photography industry had to change in order to keep up with the health crisis.

“When it hit, it was terrible. I lost jobs,” said Brian Pearse, owner of Brian Pearse Photography. “Weddings were canceled. Senior portraits, which I like to do, slowed down tremendously.”

Gigs and sessions were hard to come by in a world of lockdowns and social distancing.

“A lot of our content would involve going to places and doing things, interacting with other people,” said Dalton Stanford with Moonlight Productions Photography. “And of course it’s very hard to do a lot of that.”

Despite the hardships, some Mississippi Coast photographers chose to use their time both perfecting their craft and forming their brand.

“(I’m working on) just getting my name out there, doing better than what I have before, better than the things I shot yesterday,” said James Floyd, founder of Krave Imagery. “(I) just practice and try to bring the people the quality that they need.”

While work is slow coming into the new year, it’s the love of photography that keeps them going.

“(I enjoy) capturing the moment, the memories,” Floyd said. “People can always go back and look back on that.”

While the COVID-19 pandemic did limit the amount of business photographers had last year, it also forced them to be creative with their shots and their projects. Some photographers said the time spent away from people helped them craft different styles and ways of expression.

“It did allow you a chance to take a break in one sense from the grind of business and get into the creative side,” Pearse said.

And while COVID-19 vaccines give the industry hope for better days in the near future, photographers ask that you keep them in mind during these trying times.

“Support your small artists if you can, support your local businesses,” Stanford said.

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