Restaurants rely more on delivery services due to the pandemic

Restaurants rely more on delivery services due to the pandemic

D’IBERVILLE, Miss. (WLOX) - The coronavirus pandemic has slowed small business down, but delivery companies are helping some local eateries stay afloat during these tough times. The director said that nationally the average number of orders increased from 37,576 to 44,241 going into the second quarter of 2020.

The delivery company said its services on the Gulf Coast range from Bay St. Louis to Moss Point, covering almost 300 restaurants.

Amy Speth, Waitr marketing assistant, said that company’s goal is to build a bridge between customers and restaurants.

“We’re here to assist restaurants,” said Speth. “You know, sometimes there’s confusion. We’re here to help build restaurants, we want to make them better. We want to help them to grow their business and bring business and customers to them.”

One of the businesses Waitr serves is Southern Grounds Coffeehouse in D’Iberville, and owner Brynn Knapp said that the coffee shop was struggling due to the pandemic.

“I just thought maybe it would have been something that would pass,” said Knapp. “Then, it got real, and the sales got real.”

Now, Knapp explained that the business picked back up with the help of the delivery service.

“Partnering with people like Waitr helped take the stress off of us,” said Knapp. “Helped normalcy back to the customers, helped bring them a little comfort.”

Speth also added “We did help increase in volume, you know, during it [the pandemic]and it has helped us, you know, to be able to get more restaurants on board because they need that delivery service.

Speth said that you can download the Waitr app, and to visit their website for assistance.

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