Over 1,500 people in one day vaccinated for COVID-19 by Singing River Health System

SRHS vaccinations continue at the Jackson County Fairgrounds

PASCAGOULA, Miss. (WLOX) - Singing River Health System employees greeted people at their drive-through COVID-19 vaccination site with an emphatic “Happy Vaccination Day!”

Over 1,500 people, age 75 and older, were vaccinated on Tuesday. For Vernice Holden, Tuesday was extra special as she celebrated her 92nd birthday by getting vaccinated for COVID-19.

“Absolutely, I’m glad to get it. I’m just happy to get it. I’ve been looking forward to it,” Holden said. “It feels good, and I hope that everybody else can get the shot as soon as possible too.”

Happiness is a common theme for those receiving the vaccine. Margaret Babischkin and her husband Sheldon Babischkin drove from Ocean Springs to be vaccinated.

“Truthfully, it’s an ounce of prevention and it’s a cure for us too as we’re up in our age and I thank God,” said Margaret Babischkin. “I think that this service is wonderful that they offer it to us.”

Singing River Health System Clinical Pharmacist Coordinator Singing River Chris Ayers is reminding people to continue practicing safety measures even after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

“Just because you got the vaccine, we already know that even after the second dose, there’s a period of time before your body would actually be able to start building up immunity,” Ayers said. “Until we get enough people vaccinated, and I’m talking a lot of people vaccinated, we’ve got to continue to wear our mask. Continue to wash our hands. Continue to keep our distance.”

The drive-through vaccination site will continue to be used by Singing River Health System as more people become eligible to be vaccinated.

“We’re really just waiting on the federal government to allocate doses to the state of Mississippi who in turn is able to turn those doses over to us,” Ayers said. “So really as many as the federal government will release to the state, and the state can forward to us, we’re ready to give them.”

At this time, Singing River’s Vaccine Hotline is no longer taking calls as the current supply of vaccinations is fully reserved.

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