‘It’s time for us to start exemplifying more love’: Pastor responds to recent Capitol Hill riot

‘It’s time for us to start exemplifying more love’: Pastor responds to recent Capitol Hill riot

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - The recent Capitol protest that turned violent has one Gulf Coast pastor preaching a similar message, love.

Pastor Carlus D. Page at New Heights Church of Christ in Biloxi said the recent acts on Capitol Hill last week shows how much love America is lacking, referring to January 6 as a tragedy.

“It’s time for us to start exemplifying more love,” said Pastor Page. “Love covers all but I’m talking about in a God way love. “The love that God shows us every time we mess up.”

Pastor Page said protesting isn’t where the president’s supporters went wrong, it was the violence and lack of law and order that took things too far.

“I believe that the George Floyd incident and the protest that happened after, I think this is a response that says okay you all can do it, watch what we’re going to do,” said Page. “Looking back on January 6th, we saw many of us injured because of nonsense.”

America is a country that practices law and order. “Breaking laws,” Pastor Page questioned.

“The Bible tells us obey all those who have rule over you, that we are to obey the land,” said Page. “So yes it was wrong but by them having the ability and rights and freedoms to go there and protest, we have that right in this country.”

Pastor Page referenced the bible by saying now is the time to turn the other cheek instead of the recent acts we’ve witnessed.

“I think that we’ve gone back to the way of Israel under the mosaic dispensation,” said Page. “We’re trying to one up warn up each other, if you can do it to me I can do it better.”

With hopes to heal the country and return to the America that strives to become a more perfect union, Pastor Page said prayer is the leading force.

“Prayer first,” Page said. “That’s the true nature to returning our world over is prayer and trusting in God. Not when we need him, but praising him and turning to him as the leader of our lives.”

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