As temps drop, business gets hot for cold-weather items

As temps drop, business gets hot for cold-weather items

LIZANA, Miss. (WLOX) - It’s cold, but business is hot for items to keep the chill at bay. Fazzio’s Home & Farm Center in Lizana has been stocking up on typical cold-weather items most people may need like pipe insulation, heat lamps and plastic sheeting.

But when you live deep in the county and high above Interstate 10, it can get colder and more things can go wrong. Like well pumps.

“We sell all year long,” said Fazzio’s hardware clerk Michael Abadie. “But sometimes, the cold weather knocks them out a lot.”

Horse blankets also are sold year-round, but they are big items in the winter. Customers also stock up on livestock feed.

“A lot of time, animals eat more in cold weather to keep their body heat,” Abadie said.

And even with the early warnings, cold temperatures in South Mississippi can be a surprise.

“We kind of got caught a little bit,” said Abadie. “But thank God I’ve got a good boss and he told me to maintain stuff, you know, pick it up before this happened. And it’s working.”

Courtney Whitman tried to find something for her new puppy, Bruno.

“I want to get him like a sweater or blanket because it’s cold,” said Whitman.

She is extra careful because Bruno is the first puppy she’s owned by herself.

“He is freezing,” Whitman said. “Not right now because it’s warm in here. But, when I take him outside at nighttime, he freezes. It’s like he’s so cold. So, I try not to bring him out at night time.”

And she admitted, this attention will last longer than the winter.

“He’ll probably be like, this is too much. But it’s for his health though,” said Whitman. “He’s going to get spoiled.”

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