Pascagoula Police hold golf cart inspection

Pascagoula Police hold golf cart inspection

PASCAGOULA, Miss. (WLOX) - New regulations are now in place for golf carts in Pascagoula, and the police department held a drive-thru inspection event to make sure citizens were up to code.

“(We’re here) to help establish which carts can be on the road and which ones can’t,” Pascagoula Police Lt. Travis Dunsford said.

Friday, new guidelines were issued by the city detailing cart requirements and area restrictions. Now, officers are making sure the new guidance is being adhered to.

“Primarily looking for headlights, taillights, if they have blinkers, rearview mirrors,” Dunsford said.

Along with the correct equipment, drivers have to have a drivers’ license, proof of insurance and a registration sticker on the cart at all times.

Carts also can’t exceed 25 mph and can only drive along certain streets in Pascagoula.

Golf Cart Map
Golf Cart Map (Source: Pascagoula Police Department)

The inspection process also aims to help law enforcement better patrol the streets

“It’s easier for us to know which golf carts can and can’t be because some of them look like they do might the criteria but they actually don’t,” Dunsford said.

While the main goal of the inspection event was to register as many golf carts as possible, officers also used the opportunity to go over safety guidelines.

“Just coming out here, people can understand how the law is written,” Dunsford said.

Officers helped drivers understand the new laws and answer any questions they may have, and many residents applaud the efforts by the city and police, as the golf cart community booms in the area.

“I actually think it’s a good idea,” Becky Venus said. “You constantly see them going up and down the roads. They’re not following the rules. They’re not stopping at stop signs.”

Some residents say the pro-active approach eases worries in the community and helps people have a good time while staying safe.

“You know it’s just like having a convertible,” Venus said. “We’re retired and it’s just a toy.”

The Pascagoula Police Department is working on holding another inspection drive-thru event on Jan. 23 at Point Park. Organizers are also trying to hold inspections at the police station for any golf cart owners that want to stop by.

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