Ocean Springs High goes hybrid with some students in class, some at home

Ocean Springs High goes hybrid with some students in class, some at home
Students at Ocean Springs High are doing a hybrid schedule this nine weeks, with half of the students in class while the others are at home. The students take turns every other school day. (Source: WLOX)

OCEAN SPRINGS, Miss. (WLOX) - Throughout the last month, we’ve seen an increase in COVID-19 cases, prompting many school districts in South Mississippi to go to a hybrid schedule now that schools are back in session.

At Ocean Springs High, that form of learning is one-to-one, with half of the students attending class in person while the other half attend virtually. On Friday, that meant the halls of the large high school were mostly empty, as were the desks stacked up along the walls of classrooms.

In Mrs. Hase’s U.S. History class, 13 students were present, with nine logged in via Zoom. This form of hybrid learning is one of many ways the district is working to keep students in class - whether virtually or physically - so that they do not have to be quarantined or at risk due to COVID.

“It’s a full hybrid, with a little bit of virtual mixed in,” said OSHS Principal Vickie Tiblier. “So what we did was every other day students come to school then that set of students are virtual. The advantage to it is that the students that are home one day, the next day they see a teacher.”

Other school districts have similar schedules. At Long Beach High, it’s called the Maroon and White Plan. At Ocean Springs, they’re called “Blue-Grey Days.” Students whose last names begin with A-J are blue, students K-Z are grey.

“They do have the experience of being in there with a teacher, as well as having the day at home,” Tiblier added. “We didn’t want to be quarantining healthy students, and then they have to stay at home and get lost. Even though it’s every other day, it’s consistent.”

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