Memorial vaccine distribution smoother second time around

Memorial vaccine distribution smoother second time around

D’IBERVILLE, Miss. (WLOX) - Memorial Hospital once again offered free Moderna COVID-19 vaccinations today for those 75 years and older. On Friday, the remaining 900 doses were administered at the D’Iberville Community Center.

The lines to get into the D’Iberville Community Center were cued up early, but they moved at NASCAR speed compared to Thursday.

“We learned a good bit yesterday,” said Matt Walker, Memorial VP for clinic operations. “People still had to wait a small amount of time in the cold for us just open. Once we opened and things started flowing, things moved very quickly.”

Carol Henderson and her husband, Lawrence, are well practiced in patience.

“Yesterday, we started out on Community Road,” said Carol. “We were there, and they ran out of the vaccine. And then we went to Cedar Lake. And again we came out this morning.”

But the third time was the charm.

“It was well worth the wait,” said Carol. “Now we’ve taken the vaccine and we’ll come back in February to take the second dose. We encourage everyone to please come out because COVID-19 is really, really deadly.”

While the turnout has been huge, patient Bill Hydrick said there are some elderly people still skeptical of the vaccine.

“We’ve come across people who are questioning it, and while that’s their decision, we think it’s been tested properly,” said Hydrick. “We have lost two personal friends to this disease. So, we’re glad that this vaccine is available.”

For Huey P. Long Woodcock, it’s been a struggle.

“Nine months. Scared to go anywhere,” said Woodcock. “Couldn’t go to my grandson’s basketball game.”

And now he’s had the first of the two vaccines.

“I’m happy to get it,” Woodcock added. “I just hope it keeps me from getting it.”

Officials have not yet decided how the second shot will be administered in February. But they know it will be more complex the second time around.

In addition to larger distribution centers, Memorial officials said primary care physicians will likely be allowed to administer the vaccine to speed things up and keep seniors from having to wait in the elements.

Also, officials told WLOX that a drive-through option presents logistical problems for administrators including treating patients for potential adverse reactions to the vaccine while in a car.

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