Some senior citizens are counting down the days to get the COVID-19 vaccine

Some senior citizens are counting down the days to get the COVID vaccine

WOOLMARKET, Miss. (WLOX) - Some senior citizens gathered at the Woolmarket Prime of Life Center Tuesday to play bingo. People ages 75+ are next up to get the COVID-19 vaccine as early as next week and many in attendance look forward to it.

At 81, Eve Giveons said during her fight against COVID-19 she was hospitalized twice. First, she stayed in the hospital for five days. Once she was released, her condition got worse.

“Went back in the ER. That was a terrible experience because they had no beds. I was in there about 10 hours,” Giveons said. “I went up to the same room I had left before and after a few days they put me in ward 7. Then I went to rehab for 10 days,” said Giveons.

That’s why Giveons looks forward to getting the vaccine as soon as possible. She doesn’t want to even chance getting the virus a second time.

When the Mississippi State Department of Health released the vaccine timetable on Monday, it gave seniors hope that this virus won’t be the death of them.

“My age and the case of most elderly people were susceptible to other diseases as well and to elements, so yes I’m very much for it,” said Louis Finkle.

Finkle is in the 80+ range and said he is a retired clinical psychiatrist who understands the process of administering the vaccines. For those unsure of getting the vaccine Finkle said science has shown it’s effective.

“What’s happening is there’s a lot of people who do not follow the science who are not the well educated,” Finkle said. “So they hear rumors and the rumors tend to cloud what they think.”

COVID-19 has cancelled many events and taken many lives. Giveons said she would hate to see another friend or loved one lose the fight against this deadly virus.

“You never know when you might be that one who gets really sick,” said Giveons. “I lost a good friend and he got sick around the same time I did and we lost a good friend.”

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