‘I believe commitment is the key’: Reaching fitness goals in 2021

‘I believe commitment is the key’: Reaching fitness goals in 2021

OCEAN SPRINGS, Miss. (WLOX) - 2021 means time to set those New Year’s resolutions. For many, that includes exercise goals.

“I believe commitment is the key. Commitment and faith is the key to weight loss.” said Jocole Green.

Greem spent Friday morning walking the Biloxi Ocean Springs bridge as part of her commitment to staying in shape. In the last two years, she has lost 262 pounds. She said it all started with a health issue.

“I didn’t just have arthritis in both my knees, one of them is underdeveloped and I need a knee replacement. My orthopedic surgeon said he couldn’t operate unless my BMI was down to 40 percent, which was 211,” Green said. “It was really the low carb lifestyle. I didn’t start working out, I was 454 pounds, so working out was hard to do, so I decided to focus on my calories.”

262 pounds later, she said her commitment was all about lifestyle changes.

“I was able to walk better,” said Green. “People who work with me, one of my co workers said you walked with a cane before. I still have the cane in my car I have the handicapped decal because of my knee, however, I don’t have to use a cane.”

But what about those thinking about joining a gym on Janurary 1st, 2021 like here at Crunch Fitness in D’Iberville? They say that’s a great idea, but whatever you’re fitness goals are, they said it’s good to always have a plan.

“Whenever someone joins a gym, five percent of those people typically reach their goals,” said Ashton Dearman, Crunch Fitness trainer. “That means 95 percent don’t stick to those resolutions, they don’t stick to those goals. But here, 80 percent who come to Crunch set up a plan and know what they’re shooting towards and reach their goals. So that’s why it’s so important to have a plan.”

Whether it’s a gym membership, a complete lifestyle change, or that commitment to staying in shape.

“We try to stay healthy and exercising and eating right,” said Don Hinton, who was also exercising New Year’s Day.

By the way, Jocole Green also has a YouTube page where she documents her incredible weight loss journey.

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