Health officials starting to see a ‘baby boom’ during the pandemic

Health officials starting to see a ‘baby boom’ during the pandemic
Health officials seeing a ‘baby boom’ during the pandemic.

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - It’s been about nine months since the pandemic began, and doctors at Deaconess Women’s Hospital are starting to see a bit of a baby boom.

Those doctors say despite this pandemic, babies are being born healthy and happy every day.

There are some changes on the day women deliver, including only having one support person in the room.

They tell us this is something they do not want to take away from any woman because of the importance that support person holds.

As many women would normally like to have other family in the room during that special moment, Deaconess tells us they understand this and suggest women use technology to their advantage.

“I think the important part is to bring your technology. With only one support person coming, you’re going to want to have FaceTime, or Google Duo to show off your beautiful baby to the grandparents, to your other children, to your friends. So make sure you bring your technology so you can show off your little one,” said Dr. Spencer Kuper with Tri-State Perinatology.

Something Deaconess Women’s Hospital wants women to know is they should not worry about this increase impacting their ability to have a room in the hospital.

They tell us they will always have a room open for women during this special moment in their life.

Deaconess also tells us that those healthcare workers will soon be receiving their second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

This is something that comforts them, and they hope it provides comfort for women giving birth.

They say they will continue to wear the masks even after getting the vaccine.

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