Shoppers rush to spend money the day after Christmas

Shoppers rush to spend Christmas money the day after Christmas

OCEAN SPRINGS, Miss. (WLOX) - Monetary Christmas gifts led people right back into stores. Some families hit downtown Ocean Springs with hopes to find some good deals.

“Shopping,” said Hattie Coronn. “Spending more money of my husband’s.”

Kate Descher at Love Ivy said business never really slowed down, and they may have been busier today, the after Christmas, than before, considering returns.

“You have to have your receipt and the tag still has to be on the clothing,” said Descher. “You have until January 7.”

Love Ivy along with other boutiques in the downtown Ocean Springs area return policy is exchange only or store credit, which is a gift card. If you’ve lost your receipt all purchases can be searched in the computer.

“There’s a name in the system and it goes along with your order,” Descher said. “That way if you are missing something we can go to the name and see your recent orders and just pick it out from there and print out the receipts.”

Many shoppers said they’ve been shooting to shop more local this year due to the pandemic.

“Yeah I try not to buy anything from the big stores right now,” said Tim Willmet. “COVID has hurt a lot of businesses. They still have to pay rent. The landlords have to get paid. So it’s best to shop local.”

Walking the sidewalks of businesses, sale signs are out to catch shoppers eyes. One sign read ’50 percent off all Christmas apparel.’ Sales after Christmas helps many stores make room for new inventory for the next season.

“We’ve got a lot of New Year’s Eve stuff that we’re going to start pushing for now,” said Jaida Trotter at Bella Rose. “So all of our Christmas stuff is actually on sale for 50 percent off and it’s been selling pretty well.”

Trotter said all sales will last until all Christmas and seasonal items are sold.

“We’re probably are going to be getting in some spring stuff soon after we get all of our Christmas out,” Trotter said. “So that’s going to be really exciting. We always have some fun spring colors. Spring colors are always fun.”

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