Pyrotechnic fans load up to send 2020 out with a bang

Pyrotechnic fans load up to send 2020 out with a bang

OCEAN SPRINGS, Miss. (WLOX) - Fireworks sales could be much better, but they are pretty good for a pandemic year. Dedicated pyrotechnic fans loaded up their supplies for what promises to be a big celebration to send 2020 out with a bang.

Karen Stein and her daughter love fireworks, of all kinds.

“I like colors,” Stein said. “I like artillery shells. I like fountains. I like Roman candles.”

And although this year’s display will be for immediate family only, she’s not holding back.

“This is not the first fireworks store I’m hitting,” said Stein. “I have filled my car once already. So, we’re going to add to it.”

And it should be enough to blast 2020 away for good.

“For me, like anyone else, it has not been a good 2020,” said Stein. “So, it’s going to the family and lots of fireworks and lots of champagne.”

Heather Bentley is looking for just about everything appropriate to send a bad year out and bring a better year in.

“I’m sick of 2020,” said Bentley. “And I want the biggest explosive to blow 2020 away.”

There are a lot of new items in stock at Coast Fireworks in Ocean Springs, but big sellers usually are the family packs that offer a variety of bangs for the bucks.

Leonard Cooper, president of Coast Fireworks Inc., said the pandemic made it difficult to find stock, but his shelves are full because he ordered early.

And, he, also, is looking forward to better times.

“I’m thinking people are so stir-crazy from being at home, being inside,” said Cooper. “This is an outside activity they can do with their family and enjoy. And I think everybody would like to get this year behind us and get going. And, bring it out with a bang and hopefully, 2021 is going to be a lot better for us.”

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