Lowcountry 4-year-old and mother write book on safe family activities to do during the pandemic

Lowcountry 4-year-old and mother write book on safe family activities to do during the pandemic
Lowcountry 4 year old book on the pandemic (Source: WTOC)

BLUFFTON, SC. (WTOC) - The pandemic has affected everyone in some shape or form... especially children. In fact, a 4-year-old-from the Lowcountry even made a book about it. 4-year-old Braalyn Miller says she wanted to share how her family still found fun activities to do together -- and how you can too.

It all started when Braalyn, her mom and her sister were reading a book about a child author.

Braalyn told her mother how she wanted to make a book too and then things took off from there.

Braalyn and her family are from Bluffton, because of COVID-19 she and her family like so many others haven’t been able to do all of the things they used to do together.

But after many outings and trips with her family during this time, she wanted to share with us everything you could still do and stay safe during a pandemic, so she and her mother wrote a book about it. It’s called Thanks A Lot Coronavirus.

From strawberry picking to a drive in movie, Braalyln says she wanted to share all of the fun and exciting activities you can do right now.

“I wanted to tell them that they were safe things to do,” said the author Braalyn Miller. “We went to count alligators. We went to drive-in movies. We went to ride horses.”

Like many other parents, her mother says explaining COVID-19 to Braalyn and her sister was a hard thing to do even to this day but they still find ways to be positive.

”Just like the book , we’re finding ways to be positive and talk about how the glass is half full instead of half empty,” said Braalyn’s mother Jaala Miller. “We talk about how we can still find activities to do and how we’re closer now than ever before.”

Braalyn says she also wanted to make a book to make children everywhere happy and not sad about what’s going on in the world today.

Her mother says she’s proud of her daughter and Braalyn says her book is going to bring what we all need a little more of in the world.

“My book is going to bring more love to the world” said Braalyn.

Thanks A Lot Coronavirus has sold over 50 copies so far. You can purchase it here. It will be available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads.com, Bokus.com and other retailers by 2021.

You can find more information on Thanks A Lot Coronavirus here

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