Search for missing hunters will continue, even on Christmas Day

Search for missing hunters will continue, even on Christmas Day
Search for missing hunters will continue on Christmas Day

WARREN CO., Miss. (WLBT) - The families of two missing hunters in Warren County are still looking for closure after their loved ones went missing earlier this month.

Almost three weeks ago, two young duck hunters, 16-year-old Gunner Palmer and 21-year-old Zeb Hughes, took their dog and got into a boat on Letourneau Landing and basically disappeared into thin air.

Christmas may shut a lot of things down, but Sheriff Martin Pace said it will not shut down this search.

Sheriff Pace said this is not unusual for a water search to go on for weeks. The Mississippi River is a big body of water and there’s much of it to sift through.

“We have unfortunately worked multiple drownings in the past where we would have more than one person drown,” Sheriff Pace said, “some of those have been in contained bodies of water like a lake or a pond, which is a completely different dynamic than searching in the Mississipi River.”

Pace said he and his deputies will be on the water all day on Christmas Day. It’s another day of work for them and there’s a search that isn’t finished yet.

“I think the fact that we have multiple victims in a moving body of water that’s 100 feet deep, it just adds to the situation,” Sheriff Pace said.

He added, knowing the families have to face the holidays without their loved ones is a hard to pill to swallow.

“Our hearts and prayers go out for the family. I understand anytime you lose anyone in your family, but especially a young person at Christmas, it amplifies the grief.”

Sheriff Pace has promised on Christmas Day there will be people on the water searching and they’ll keep up the efforts until they find the hunters or have a reason that they won’t.

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