Coast residents react to news of $600 stimulus check

Coast residents react to possibility of $600 stimulus check

PASCAGOULA, Miss. (WLOX) - Since the beginning of the pandemic, many families have struggled to maintain an income, and the $600 stimulus check is a much-needed boost. While this is only half of the $1,200 stimulus payment distributed this past spring, Yvonne Lowery is a mother who is thankful for any additional help.

“It’s very important for me. I got three kids; one is in college and one is special needs,” Lowery said. “Trying to keep up with them and stuff that they need, so it will help.”

Being able to care for their children is a concern of many parents. Denzel Packnett and his newborn son are both hearing-impaired. Packnett said hearing aids cost around $400.

“I get that $600 check, that’s the majority of it into getting my hearing aids back for me to be able to hear. So I would only be left with $200,” Packnett said. “What would I be able to do with that? I wouldn’t be able to help him as far as doctor’s appointments, if I have to pay for them, or if I have to pay out of pocket for hearing aids as he gets older.”

Congressional leaders reached a deal on Sunday, just before Christmas, making the stimulus check a joyous surprise for Keith Wilson and his family.

“There’s a lot of kids in the family, we got lots of kids, so it’s already tough enough to save up for Christmas throughout the year, and then this year, I know everybody’s probably been in the bank account trying to make it happen and stretch a dollar,” Wilson said. “So it’s a pretty big deal and it’s definitely a big deal to keep them happy during these times too.”

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