Stone Elementary uses Christmas as lesson in international culture

Stone Elementary uses Christmas as lesson in international culture

WIGGINS, Miss. (WLOX) - Stone Elementary Principal Sandy Danzey has gone all out for Christmas, and the enthusiasm has spread to the staff. One wonders if they enjoy Christmas more than the kids.

It took about three months to turn the inside of the school into a Christmas-themed tourist agency for kids with a side trip of history.

“We wanted to give them something where they were excited about coming to school while also learning,” Danzey said.

Each hallway was turned into a trip to another part of the world.

On the tour: Germany, Italy, Mexico, Norway, Australia, China and the African continent.

“Of course, we wanted to do more countries but we only had so many hallways to do it in,” said Danzey.

Children had a way to see, hear and, yes, taste the different cultures by using Christmas as the theme.

“We know how America celebrates Christmas,” said Danzey. “But we wanted to give them the opportunity to explore and to learn about the traditions of every country we could.”

And, it worked.

“Every day, they were so excited about coming to school, and they couldn’t wait to go to their country,” Danzey said. “We also gave them a passport, and they had to have their passport to enter the country they were going to.”

Danzey also said that it has been an experience they all did together.

“We are a family here, and we tell each other that we are SES family,” said Danzey. “So, we try to produce and to make and to give the kids what a family setting should look like.”

Stone County Elementary has about 590 students in kindergarten through fifth grade.

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