Traffic lights soon coming to intersections still doing without

Zeta Recovery Update: Some intersections still waiting for traffic light repairs

GULFPORT, Miss. (WLOX) - Since Hurricane Zeta did a number on traffic lights, cities along the Gulf Coast have been struggling to get them back up.

In Gulfport, 15 intersections are still waiting for repairs, but the wait may soon be over.

As frustrating as it has been for drivers in Gulfport with all the non-functioning traffic signals, there is good news. Progress is just around the corner, particularly at this intersection of Ford Street and Pass Road.

Of the traffic lights still not up and running in Gulfport, this intersection at Ford Street and Pass Road is arguably one of the most dangerous because of heavy traffic from College Park.

It’s certainly gotten a lot of attention, and Councilman Ron Roland has been getting a lot of calls.

“Probably, without exaggerating, about 10 calls or emails a day,” said the Ward 2 councilman.

It wouldn’t be so bad if people followed the traffic rules.

“The main problem is people, maybe from out of town, don’t understand this four-way stop deal. Then there’s no traffic light there. The proper way to do it is a four-way stop,” Roland said.

Roland said that most of the new lights have been received and the equipment to hang them should be in by this week.

Because of that, he said Traffic Manager Ken Northington should have the lights installed by Friday or Saturday.

“It was a big job as everybody knows to get all of these traffic lights straightened out,” Roland said.

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