Santa sends special visitors to Jackson County elementary classrooms

Santa sends special visitors to Jackson County elementary classrooms

VANCLEAVE, Miss. (WLOX) - Elementary students in Jackson County received a surprise visit from an elf named Steve and Mrs. Claus. With help from Jackson County Superintendent John Stryker, it didn’t take the two long to arrive from the North Pole.

“The month up to Christmas I’ll play with the kids,” Stryker said. “It’s my brother, Dr. Stryker, who’s the superintendent, that kind of plays it up that his brother Steve the elf is coming to visit and the kids better be good.”

The elf walked the halls all morning, going door to door greeting the kids with candy and smiles. Stryker said this is something much needed after an unusual school year.

“The things you remember are the holidays and the special times,” Stryker said. " This is a time of life that these kids only get one time and then it’s gone forever, so it’s very important for me that we capture this moment.”

Many students were dressed in holiday apparel and even had fun Christmas decorated hair, which added more excitement to each classroom.

“That’s what it’s all about for me,” he said. " We even had an autistic student that the teachers say never, never comes up to anybody and ran right into my arms and gave me a hug,” Stryker said. “It almost brought a tear to my eye. That is the Christmas spirit right there.”

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