Paw Patrol: Waveland introduces new K9 officer

Paw Patrol: Waveland introduces new K9 officer

WAVELAND, Miss. (WLOX) - There’s a new officer in town and he’s hitting the streets, working hard to catch criminals and educate the public.

Waveland Police Department introduced Mako, a four-year-old Belgian Malinois, to the public this week. Mako was donated to Waveland by the Pass Christian Police Department, where he began his law enforcement career.

He now lives with his handler Officer John DeSalvo. And while it may be the first time DeSalvo has been a canine handler, he said he and Mako have been through training and are ready to get to work.

“He’ll be able to apprehend felons. We’ll be able to do building checks with him. He’ll be able help us find fugitives or any type of person running through the woods from us and be able to clean up some of the drugs in the area. There’s a pretty good bit of stuff he’ll be able to do for the police department and the community,” said Mako’s handler Officer John DeSalvo.

Mako will also help educate the public, visiting local schools and community events to talk to residents about his role as a police dog and provide public safety education.

In addition to the training they have already done, DeSalvo and Mako will also attend a five-week training course in January at U.S. Canine, where he will learn tracking, sniffing out narcotics, and bite work.

And Mako is a very fast learner, said DeSalvo, noting that he already knows which officers in the department have the best treats.

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