Long Beach gets $2 million for downtown revitalization efforts

Long Beach gets $2 million for downtown revitalization efforts

LONG BEACH, Miss. (WLOX) - City leaders in Long Beach will workshop Tuesday evening to determine the best way to spend the money headed into the city coffers.

The city’s downtown image will get a boost thanks to $2 million in revitalization funds secured with the assistance of State Rep. Richard Bennett.

That money will be used to help parts of Long Beach’s downtown area that have been vacant since Hurricane Katrina roared ashore more than 15 years ago.

City officials and business leaders are excited about the opportunity to help drive the bottom line and bring customers back to the streets of Long Beach.

“If you go and drive down Highway 90 and see all of the damage, do we put it down there or do we use it on the right avenues on the foot of Jeff Davis and make an identity for Long Beach?” said Alderman-at-Large Donald Frazer. “So, when you’re driving from Gulfport to the Pass or to Bay St. Louis, you know that there’s a town here. It’s not just two stoplights that you pass and you didn’t know that you’ve passed our town.”

“I feel like seeing all of the foot traffic on the side of the road, the idea of people taking pictures, posting on social media and getting that recognition that Long Beach deserves, I think it could be amazing for everyone, people that live here and business owners. It will really improve our city tremendously,” said Tanner Montella, manager at Bankhouse Coffee.

City leaders say that new businesses are currently showing interest in the downtown Long Beach area but, as of now, no details are available as to what companies are eyeing the Friendly City.

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