Gulf Coast Wellness gives out free masks as COVID-19 cases surge

Gulf Coast Wellness gives out free masks as COVID-19 cases surge

JACKSON COUNTY, Miss. (WLOX) - As COVID-19 cases continue to rise, Gulf Coast Wellness Foundation saw the need to encourage people that now is not the time to let your guards down, giving out free masks with hopes everyone will wear them.

“A lot of people are asymptomatic so they don’t know that they are a carrier of the virus,” said John Yarbrough. “So we feel that it’s very important to give these masks away so that people can do their part to help curve the virus.”

With a mask mandate in place for both Harrison and Jackson County, neither have slowed down in positive cases. Harrison County leads the six southern most counties with more than 7,000 cases, but Jackson County isn’t too far behind with more than 6,500 cases.

“This is the most simplest, easiest, and cheapest form of controlling this virus and if people would use common sense whenever they go out in public and any public building or if you’re around large groups please wear a mask,” said Yarbrough. “If they would’ve done it from the get-go it wouldn’t be as bad as it is now.”

Ganece Darden with Gulf Coast Wellness Foundation said that the only way to control the virus is if everyone pulls together and do their part.

“We need a statewide mask mandate again and if we get this mandate enforced then sooner than later we’ll be able to come out of these masks.” said Darden.

Darden said apart of wearing a mask, is washing it and the CDC encourages everyone to wash his or her hands after handling a used mask.

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