‘Massive effort’ underway to collect storm debris in Harrison County

‘Massive effort’ underway to collect storm debris in Harrison County

HARRISON COUNTY, Miss. (WLOX) - Storm debris removal is in full swing in Harrison County. Crews have been busy the last few weeks, picking up thousands of cubic yards of debris in the unincorporated areas of Harrison County.

But where does it all go once its collected? It ends up at one of the county’s debris drop off locations, including one off of County Farm Road.

“What they do is they bring it in trucks, they unload it, then they turn around and chip it and then load it into trucks at about a quarter of the volume take it to the landfill which saves everybody a lot of money.” said Jaclyn Turner, county engineer for Harrison County.

The county has hired Crowder Gulf to handle the debris removal. Crews started on November 6th and so far have collected around 300,000 cubic yards of vegetative debris.

Turner said they estimated that there’s around 800,000 to a million cubic yards of debris to be picked up in all.

“I think everybody was a little surprised at how much this ended up being,” said Turner. “Compared to Katrina for example, we didn’t get the surge or flooding damage that we got, but the amount of debris that we’re seeing from the wind and the tornadoes is really about the same that we saw during Hurricane Katrina. And it’s just a massive effort to take care of.”

30 trucks are on the roads collecting about 25,000 cubic yards of debris a day. Turner said they’re working as quickly as possible to get the streets back to normal.

“We’ve got a lot of debris that needs to be picked up and we’re just going to ask residents to be patient,” said Turner. “We will get to every address at least once and at least a second pass after that so we will get to your address, we will get your debris cleaned up and we appreciate the patience.”

Officials also remind residents to separate their debris into piles, one for vegetation, another for construction debris.

The county hopes to have the first pass done by the end of the year, and the second pass done by the end of February.

A hotline has been set up for residents to ask questions.

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