George County preschool program gets $150,000 donation

LUCEDALE, Miss. (WLOX) - Small discoveries will be even more possible now that some big money will be coming in for the George County preschool program.

“This money would be going to fund the classrooms for curriculum, technology and item that will be helped the further the education of the 4-year-old,” said Kristi Kirkwood, the George County Early Learning Collaborative Coordinator.

Kirkwood is talking about the massive $150,000 check given to the district by Century Bank on Wednesday. It’s the largest private donation to the district’s preschool program ever.

“It is absolutely one of the best things we could possibly have,” said Kirkwood. “Because our Pre-K program, helps our babies be ready for kindergarten. So, every bit of this money is to help their cognitive growth, intellectual growth, academic growth.”

The district preschool programs will get $100,000; the Singing River Education Association Head Start will get $50,000.

The donation was accepted by school superintendent Wade Whitney.

“Everybody talks about 2020 and all the things that are going on in our world today,” Whitney said. “And the fact that they’re able to make that type of monetary contribution to the school district and to the Head Start and to the children in George County is unbelievable.”

But, in fact, it’s not the first time the bank has donated a big check. Last year, it donated $100,000.

“It’s a great program George county is home for Century Bank even though we operate in other counties,” said Peter Van Lingen, CEO and president of Century Bank. “But this is always home. So we love to support our schools our local communities, the families and the kids that live here.”

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