Experts share tips for protecting your info while shopping online

Experts share tips for protecting your info while shopping online

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - Many people are hunting for online deals this Cyber Monday, and when spending time online there are a few dangers you should be aware of.

As Christmas approaches and many continue shopping online, cybersecurity experts shared their tips about preventing online attacks and how to keep your information protected.

According to a Comcast study, many people underestimate the risk of cyberattacks.

Noopur Davis, executive vice president and chief information security officer for Comcast, says people can experience up to 104 attempted attacks in a month.

“It could be somebody trying to get to your sensitive data, get to your sensitive information, it has privacy concerns you know somebody trying to hack into your video feed for your camera,” Davis said.

Toby Trichell, internet technology director at TEC explains how an attack might happen.

“Hackers, they’re looking for bank information, they’re looking for credit card details, they’re also looking for account information,” Trichell said. “What they’ll try to do is send you a phishing email, a text message, you can even receive a phone call and all of those are an attempt by someone that is trying to get that personal information.”

Davis agrees phishing is a danger to look out for.

“Phishing continues to be the number one way that the bad guys try to get into and hack into systems,” Davis said.

They shared a few general tips on how to increase your security with everyday use.

“Multi-factor authentication adds one more factor to username and password, something like your thumbprint or your facial recognition that is very hard for somebody to steal,” Davis said.

“The best thing you can do for a password on a website is to use something that is long,” Trichell said.

It’s also important to update your devices regularly.

“If your device was built by a responsible manufacturer, they’re going to be patching security issues and adding security features and you want to make sure that you can take advantage of those so make sure auto-updates are turned on,” Davis said.

Experts say that as we spend more and more time online, it’s crucial to think about where we share our information.

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